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Voodoo chat: Installation & usage

I've tried to make installation procedure really easy for everybody.
So, you need just to
  1. Download and unpack file.
  2. It's important to move 'data/' directory somewhere outside of you web-site, so it will not be accessable from outside.
  3. Go to 'chat/admin' directory on your server and change login information in the admin_users.php file. Also check file-permissions on the sessions.php file. It should be writeable to you PHP-scripts.
  4. open in your browser script 'chat/admin/configure.php'
  5. Follow instructions (4 steps)
  6. Try to start daemon (if you want to use C++ version of the daemon, you need first to compile it)
Actually, that's all :)

Usage... In the 'chat/admin' directory you can assign moderators-rights to the registered users.
Moderators can ban/unban users, make/edit rooms, edit or delete registered users, change room-topics.

In case of any problem -- ask for a help in the forum

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