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Voodoo chat

    Welcome to the Vlad Vostrykh's Voc-project homepage!
    Voc is a stream-chat engine which is designed to work on high-loaded chat-servers. It is written in PHP, but uses Perl or C++ for Voc-daemon -- the special program to handle multiple user-connections. With Voc you can establish a chat which will serve hundreds of visitors simultaneously. And it's html-based, so your chatters can use it from almost any browser.
    The Voc-engine includes a lot of features so it will be interested not only for a big chat owners, find more at the about page
    At the end of the intro, some voc-engine highscores (the data from a real chat):
  1. 10 387 unique visitors in one day (counted by
  2. 219 629 messages has been sent by visitors in one day (counted from internal messages log)
  3. 616 simultaneous users online (with new C++ voc-daemon, which was eating 1-3% of Pentium 4 2.4GHz and 18Mbytes of memory for that numbmer of visitors)
  4. Example of chat statistic
Random screenshot:
Latest voc-project news:

15-th Sep 2006
There is a version of mod_voc (socket-forwarding module) for the web-server nginx: ngx_http_voc_module.c.

23-d Feb 2005
Version of mod_voc for Apache 2 is available for download and tests. mod_voc2.c
Instructions are the same as for mod_voc.c (Apache 1.3.x module) -- just don't forget to add 2 into filename :).
Currently checked only as DSO (compiled with apxs utility).

8-th Oct 2004
Small update, fixes problem with smileys, 1.0 RC1b, download
If you have installed 1.0 RC1 already, just replace file chat/sender.php with new one from (don't forget to rename it to .php after downloading)

7-th Oct 2004
1.0 Release Candidat 1 is published.
Since this version, there are no more differences between windows and unix versions, so you can download any archive you like. The only difference is a packager (zip or tar.gz).
+ images posting (from harddisc & from other server)
+ configurable mod_voc
+ configurable avatar settings
+ additional parameter 'history size' for a welcome-page
+ statistic in c++ daemon (/vocd?stat)
+ removes 'session id' from messages 
i 'default' skin is renamed to 'basic' (which is more correct i think :))
i conv.php generates smileys-codes with *code* (star at the end)
i my_time() for 'last action' and 'ban' times
i colors are always in default language (the same list for all users if they use different layout languages)
- bug fixes:
	robot answers in mysql_engine
	ban_check in mysql_engine
	private frame in mysql_engine
	tail ids updating in daemon.cpp, mysql_engine
	ranges for int values in profile udpate
	times for ban are displayed in system-language (the same for all users)
	check for an image-type when uploaded (not just for file-extension)
	htmlnick in mysql-ld_engine
	rooms deletion in admin-zone
	some xss

19-th Apr 2004
New version, 1.0 beta 2. Download here
Bug-fixes of 1.0 beta (especially in MySQL-engine).
Try and send your comments to the forum :)

8-th Apr 2004
New version, 1.0 beta. Download here
+ limit for the number of nicks registered on one email address
+ password reminder
+ pre-moderated rooms (messages from ordinary users must be approved by moderator)
+ possibility to use HTML-nicks (i.e. you can use some image to display your nick in the list)
+ examples of bad words filter (check chat/inc_badwords_filter.php)
+ messages formats were splitted  (added 'from me' variants)
+ pages charset is configurable now (will be automatically applied to all pages and mails)
+ improvements in hi-tech skin
+ avatars can be used in messages frame (configurable)
+ messages window can be easy splitted to two (for 'normal' and 'private' messages)
+ ban by 'browser hash'
+ ban by ip-subnetwork (i.e.
+ selectable interface language
+ mod_voc Apache module which allows you to use the chat-daemon through apache 1.3.x
	(it means that daemon will be accessable on the same port as all other pages)
+ SharedMemroy was rewrited to use PHP's shmop_* functions
- bug fixes
Please, write you bug-reports into the forum

25-th Feb 2004
New logos :), thanx to timtak,

At the moment logos are displayed in a random way. If you're prefered one of them, change the <img src="http://voc.sourceforge.php/pr.php"...> tag in selected design, just add ?l=N to script name, where N is a number from 0 to 6, see below:

24-th Feb 2004
Ukrainian Language pack, thanx to Vitaliy Prudyus, ,

31-st Jan 2004
Project has own domain name now.
And new hostng, thanx to 2-head Xeon server, 4 logical cpu :). Should work better than with thousands users online.
I'm transfering content and for some time not all services will be available.

23-d Jan 2004
Azerbaijan language-pack, thanx to

2-nd Dec 2003
Four new language-packs for the last chat-version! :)
Spanish, thanx to Abe Pazos
French, thanx Olivier Santiano
And two German versions :)
German 1, thanx to Andreas Fiebrich
German 2 (includes the help file), thanx to Thorsten Wilkop
As usual, check "downloads"

18-th Sep 2003
Chinese language-pack is available, thanx to Liyuanzao

8-th Sep 2003
Romanian language-pack is in "downloads", thanx to

2-nd Sep 2003
If you're using MySQL-engine and C++ version of the daemon, please change daemon.cpp:
replace line 1005 from
return 0;
return current;
Precompiled version in the downloads has been updated (0.20.31b)

1-st Sep 2003
small update, voc-0.20.31a and windows version are in the download-area

31-st Aug 2003
At the last summer day I'm presenting the new version, voc-0.20.31
The main improvements is in registration process. This version is also has some bug-fixes and security-improvements, so I'd recommend you to update your chat.
+ registration with image-code
+ registration with activation code to email
+ club mode (only registered users can login)
+ some admin function in files-engine was rewrited
to operate with 1000-lines block, not the whole file
important if there is a lot of registered users (>10 000) in the chat
+ configuration script was redesigned to make installation procedure easier
+ error handler
+ some security improvements
+ changes in daemon.cpp to avoid problem with different gcc versions (2.96, 3.2.1)
- bug fixes

The windows version will be published in next two days.
enjoy :)

3-d Jul 2003
David Zavoral, sent me a new czech-lang file (for latest voc-version), 99-smileys pack, and "brown" skin (which is based on Sirius's "silver").
As usual, check download area

16-th Jun 2003
The new version voc-0.18.16 has been released!
It includes the new daemon written in C++ (for MySQL & Files engines and only for *nix systems). That daemon is 10-15 times faster than perl-version, and it can serve even more visitors (it was working with almost 500 users online).
Some other changes:
+ messages and ban/unban logging
+ options to hihglight messages if there is nick inside
+ options to enable bold, italic & underlined messages
+ configurable limits for user photos
+ new admin rights -- edit & delete registered user.
+ passwords are crypted with md5
i ban now uses 'canonical' nicks
And, as ususal, some bug-fixes :)

In the download area you can find Win- and *nix-versions of chat, pre-compiled versions of C++ daemon for Linux and FreeBSD, and special version of perl-daemon wich works as windows system-service.

There are two new skins (blue and silver) in download-area.
You can test it at my demo-chat.
Thanx again to Emin Sadykhov aka Sirius

8-th Apr 2003
After one year of developing I'm glad to introduce the new release, voc-0.16.08
The main new feature is 'admin-permissions'. The new version also includes some important updates, so I recommend to update. The 'Voodoo chat' now includes 80-90% of features I want to see in the 'ideal chat', so probably version 1.0 will be released soon :)
Check download area

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