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Voodoo chat: authors

    Core programming
  • Vlad Vostrykh (aka Voodoo),,

    Special thanx to
  • Emin Sadykhov aka Sirius, Love-, Matrix-, Blue- and Silver-designes, admin-zone design, smiles-convert tool (in the admin-zone) :)
  • timtak, logos master :)

    Thanx for help to:
  • Udo,
    german-language file, converts-pack.
  • Harold, ,
    dutch-language file and help file, "dutch"-design, yellow-smileys, english-help file
  • Elieser Leão,
    Brazilian lang-file
  • Chernodarov Egor aka L_G,
    Gray-deisng, ListCreator utility
  • Sephral,
    converts-pack with 208 smileys! :) Some code and comments (i.e. you can find his perl-utility to generate convers.dat file in the forum)
  • Rommel Toledo Ramirez,
    Spanish lang-file
  • Patryk Dawidziuk,
    Polish lang-file
  • Ali N. Hekimbelgen ,
    Turkish lang-file
  • Marco Albano
    Italian lang-file, buttons for gray-design in Italian.
  • Paulo Ramos,
    Portuguese lang file
  • David Zavoral,
    Czech lang file, 99 smileys pack, "brown" skin
  • Costel,
    Romanian lang file
  • Liyuanzao,
    Chinese lang file
  • Abe Pazos
    Spanish lang file 0.20.31
  • Olivier Santiano
    French lang file 0.20.31
  • Andreas Fiebrich
    German lang file 0.20.31
  • Thorsten Wilkop
    German lang file 0.20.31
  • Ulvi Aslanov
    Azerbaijan lang-file
  • Vitaliy Prudyus ,
    Ukrainian Language pack

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